Minerals, rocks, fossils. So many wondrous objects and specimens are housed in the Smith College geoscience department, yet not many are on display or have labels, or are well documented. 


This website serves as a host of the many (subjectively) amazing Rocks and Minerals Collection and related objects as well as resources and projects. It is a searchable database of the collection and an ongoing citizen science project. It is also an initiative to catalog and preserve the collection. 


This collection and others housed in the Sabin-Reed/Burton academic buildings are a resource to students and visitors and anyone who is curious. This project aims to increase the accessibility and engagement to navigate the collection, physically or virtually.


The Rocks and Minerals Collection invites you to bring your curiosity, explore and connect to it. There are plenty of ways to engage with it and advance the project! 


You can search the collection on the Browse tab. 

Learn more about how it came to be on the About page. Complimentary works about this collection and resources can be found on the Resources page


You can volunteer to work with the collection on the Get Involved page, there are a variety of skills needed!